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Torque Specs

Steel Wheels: 30-60 ft lbs

Aluminum Wheels: 125 ft lbs

Do I need to change the gears on my truck to run the 40" military tires? 

Though there are a few options for gearing, we recommend running your stock gears at first. Most customers have found that they are more than adequate. 

What is a super single? 

A simple definition of a super single is just the concept of removing your duals and replacing them with one singular wheel and tire. There are a lot of discrepancies to this definition and everyone looks at it different but this is the most simple definition. 

What size o-rings do I need? 

Are your wheels reversible? 

This is the #1 question we get asked and the short answer is yes, they are. That being said, with a traditional super single wheel, most don't end up rotating them as you will likely end up with an ugly rust print from your wheel mount surface. We have found a way to combat this by taking the same wheel and dedicating a front and rear wheel. With doing this, we simply flip the hardware in the rears so the studs are facing out on all positions. This is purely cosmetic and the wheels can still be ran in any position, the hardware will just be "backwards". 

What colors do you offer? 

Click here to see our color chart!

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