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Balancing and Tire Shaving

At Stazworks, we believe that bigger tires make a truck or SUV look even better. However, getting those bigger tires to run smooth and balanced is an important process. That's why we offer tire balancing services that give you a smooth and secure ride, no matter how big your tires are. Additionally, we have tire truing services to ensure that your tires are near perfectly round and that they run true. Our goal is not just to manufacture wheels, but also to deliver added value to our clients, making their driving experience the best that it can be.

Tire Truing Machine

Tire Truing

Say goodbye to bumpy rides and uneven tire wear with our tire truing service. Our tire shaving machine carefully removes small amounts of tread to create a smooth, evenly round tire. Experience a safer, more comfortable ride and save money in the long run with our expert truing service.

Sticky Weight Balancing


This is the perfect solution for tires that need minimal weight. Our lead or steel stick-on weights go on the rim, providing a balanced and stable ride. We use the latest technology to ensure your wheels stay balanced for longer, giving you a smoother driving experience.

Sticky Weights
Heavy Duty Match force Balancer

Internal Balancing


Internal Balancing uses weighted patches to balance. This puts the weight near the tread of the tire where it is most effective instead of on the rim. This results in using half the weight that would be required with sticky weight balancing for a typical 40" military tire. Thanks to this process, we can now sell tires only that are already shaved, balanced, and should require little to no further adjustment. 

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