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Aftermarket Rear Axle Hubs 

No more deep dished rear wheel on your super single set up! Designed for super singling your F450/550 and Ram 4500/5500, our Aftermarket Rear Hubs offer the strength and reliability that you need for your truck. This also allows you to run all of your wheels facing the same way. These hubs add 5.5" inches to each side of your rear axle, making your front and rear axle the same width. This is NOT a spacer! It is a new hub that relocated the wheel mount surface on the hub. This hub is a bolt in replacement using all factory bearings, seals, brakes, studs, etc. Made from cast steel, these hubs are available in a standard or +1 option (Extends your wheel mount surface out 1 inch farther than our standard hubs) , and are compatible only with F450/550 and Ram 4500/5500 models with a 10x225 bolt pattern. Trust our Rear Hubs to provide the support you need while you’re on the road.

Stock Hub

Ford Hub

Stazworks Standard Hub

+1 Hub

+1 Hub

Hub Comparison


Hub Installation 

Hub installation information coming soon!

Hub Installation Gallery

From start to finish, these photos provide a visual guide for our customers to follow along with. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, the Hub Installation Gallery is a valuable resource for anyone looking to install products with ease and confidence.

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