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Aluminum Wheels

Our 2-piece bolt-together wheels are customizable and durable. With various designs, colors, and bolt patterns to choose from, you can create a unique look for your vehicle. Made in the USA from forged aluminum and DOT approved. 

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Things To Know Before You Order

- What year is your truck?

-Is it a 2WD or 4WD?

-What kind of bed is on the truck? 

-How wide is the bed of the truck?

-What size tire are you wanting to run?

-About how much weight will you be carrying on the rear axle?

-What are your anticipated driving conditions?

-About how many miles will you be putting on per year? ​

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Mix and Match

Our ability to mix and match the halves of the 40 and 50 Series wheels, which have nearly identical profiles, enables us to create a range of wheel widths. This  allows us to produce 20x10 and 20x12 wheels using the same parts as the 20x11s. This approach also benefits those who need to replace a wheel, as they may only need to replace half of it.


40 Series Wheels



-tested to 8k lb load capacity in 10x225 bolt pattern

-square track (will have the same footprint front and rear) 

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Pickup Chassis Duals

-start at $7,000 for set

-20x10 Duals

-Ford Specific

-only ones on the market

-multiple options for front wheel

-works great with 295/65R20 tire

50 series Kodiak-Photoroom.png

50 Series Wheel



-2" staggered track ( moves the front in 1" and the rear out 1") 

-lines up well with most medium duty truck bodies

cc duals-Photoroom.jpg

Cab Chassis Duals

-starting at $6,800 for set

-20x10 duals

-only ones on the market 

-multiple options for front wheel

-works great with 295/65R20 tire

40series spoke-Photoroom.png

50/40 Hybrid



- 50 series outer and 40 series inner


Center Caps


-billet aluminum

-protect hub from dust and debris

-powder coated finish to match wheels

-SW engraved


40/50 Hybrid



-40 series outer and 50 series inner


Beadlock Inserts


-HDPE inserts

-custom to your tire

“John and the crew at Stazworks got my F550 build squared away and rolling perfectly smooth down the road. I had some problematic Goodyears(excessive runout)that no one else could figure out how to balance.

They took a great amount of care to shave and balance all of the tires on a great looking new set of their 40 series wheels. I also chose to remove my rear spacers and replace with their new extended hub. The reduction in rotating weight between the old (steel)wheels vs their new all aluminum wheels, and also the loss of spacer weight vs new lighter hubs made a noticeable improvement in braking effectiveness. Nice bonus there.

I have nothing but good things to say about Stazworks service and products and will be back for whatever I need in the future. Thanks!”

Steve, CO

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