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Sensor Placement

This is something that about 70% of customers get wrong.  We are working to have videos soon to best show how to have the sensors installed so that they work equally left and right. We will have more to follow on this topic. If you need help with this in the meantime, please call and we can talk you through this.

The steering was working and just stopped.

Anytime there is an issue with a system that had been previously working start trying to figure it out by unplugging the switches on the axle sensor. Often a bad switch or connection is the cause for any involuntary steering.

I just hooked everything up and nothing works. 

This is the most common call I get. The problem stems from not following the directions to a T and just trying to plug it all in where it looks right. There is a sequence for hooking everything up the first time.

If you do it out of order, there is a fair chance it will not work. Most of the time customers have the plugs on the axle sensor in the wrong order.

My wheels keep going to full lock in one direction. 

Again, the first thing to do if your system is not working is unplug the sensor.  Damage from a rock, stick or anything else could cause the sensor to read a false signal. Unplugging the sensor will still let you steer the wheels; it will just eliminate any self-center or anti stall functions and allow you to finish the trail or day of riding.

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