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Goodyear MSA G275 335/80R20

Goodyear MSA G275 335/80R20


Weight Rating: 6395 lbs

Speed Rating: 81mph

Tread Width: 12"

Suggested Rim Width: 10-12"

Weight: 136 lbs

Rotating Interval: 10,000 miles

Tread Life: 50-70K miles


Pros: good floatation, smoother ride, quieter, higher speed rating, almost x4 the tread life


Cons: poor factory quality control, often has excessive runout, requires shaving, typically requires more weight to balance, fits loose on the wheel. 

Continental MPT81 



Weight Rating: 6779 Lbs

Speed Rating: 68 mph

Tread Width: 10.5"

Suggested Rim Width: 10-11"

Weight: 117 lbs

Rotating Interval: 2-3,000 miles

Tread Life: 10-20k miles

Pros: great off-road traction, good runout, balances well from factory

Cons: narrow tread face, loud, poor tread life, prone to uneven tread wear (chopping, etc. ), tight fit on rim

Continental MPT81 335/80R20
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