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What all comes in the basic kit? 

Control Box/Circuit Board

Mounts (Dana 60 or Rockwell)



Switches (on/off) and RTC

Standard Joystick

What does a fording kit do? 

The fording kit allows you to fully submerge your sensor without getting water in it. It is completely filled and constantly submerging your ball switches in oil. This will ensure that the switches stay clean and keep out containments. This is recommended for the mud trucks and anything that will see use in deep water or mud.

What would happen without the fording kit? 

The only problem that we have found so far is that the ball switches in the sensor start to rust and fail. These are a common parts store item under Part# LS-202

How do the indicator lights work? 

There are 5 lights in a row mounted in an aluminum trim bezel. In the middle is a single green light. Your green light in the center indicates that your rear wheels are straight. The yellow light on each side indicates your wheels are turned that direction. It does not determine how far but just that the wheels are pointed that direction. There are two outer red lights that will light up to indicate you are at max travel. When these light up, your anti-stall will also kick in and shut off your valve to prevent you from stalling your pump.

What if I want to run an electric pump? 

The kit is nearly identical for use with an electric pump. There is just an extra wire in the harness that is used to turn a pump solenoid on. We do not offer electric pumps simply because we don’t have one that we recommend. If you want to run an electric pump the only so-called requirement is that it needs is to be a double acting pump. It may also be called a power up/power down pump.

Where is it most common to install your control box? 

Typically, people will install their control boxes mid chassis (behind seat, under seat, rear firewall)

What add-ons can you get? 

Valve Assembly

5 light Indicator

Joystick Handle (comes with mounting stem)

Fording Kit

Does your sensor need to be cleaned? 

Ideally, you should take your sensor apart about once a year to clean it out and reapply a light grease such as wheel bearing grease. If you don’t have a fording kit and happen to submerge your sensor in water, it will suck water into the body and can cause damage to the sensor if left there. It is recommended that you take it apart within a week or so to dry it out and reapply grease.

Anti-stall is essentially an electronic steering stop. This ensures that when your sensor indicates full stroke, your valve will shut off even if you continue to hold your joystick one way or the other. If you only have one pump, it will keep you from losing steering in your front cylinder when your rear hits max travel.

Will the 5 light kit work with other kits? 

What does the 5 light indicator do? 

The 5 light indicator tells you where your rear wheels are positioned as well as anti-stall.

No. The lights will not work without the control box or at least some other relays or circuitry to run them properly.

What is anti-stall? 

Your standard joystick is a rubber booted stick that is 2 ¾ inch tall. It is 1-inch round at the base and ½ in at the top. It mounts in a panel through a 7/8 in hole and hangs about 2 ¾ inch below the panel.

Your joystick handle is a billet aluminum pistol grip handle. It has a micro joystick at your thumb for left and right as well as a trigger for return to center. The handle is normally mounted stationary for the dual purpose of using it as a grab handle like what you would see in a UTV. It is mounted on a ¾ in DOM tubing with a 3/4 -16 thread and a jam nut. Although it can be mounted onto a shifter, it isn’t common. The rotation of your wrist front to back when it’s mounted on many shifters makes it rather uncomfortable.

Explain the difference between the standard joystick and the joystick handle. 

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